Friday, October 7, 2011

The Story of Savitri - Part 7 of 31


At these words of hers, Narada said, 'Alas, O king, Savitri hath committed a great wrong, since, not knowing, she hath accepted for her lord this Satyavan of excellent qualities !

His father speaketh the truth and his mother also is truthful in her speech. 

And it is for this that the Brahmanas have named the son Satyavan.

In his childhood he took great delight in horses, and used to make horses of clay. 

And he used also to draw pictures of horses.

And for this that youth is sometimes called by the name of Chitraswa.'

The king then asked, 'And is prince Satyavan, who is devoted to his father, endued with energy and intelligence and forgiveness and courage ?'

Narada replied, saying, In energy Satyavan is like unto the sun, and in wisdom like unto Vrihaspati ! 

And he is brave like unto the lord of the celestials and forgiving like unto the Earth herself!'

Aswapati then said, 'And is the prince Satyavan liberal in gifts and devoted to the Brahmanas ? 

Is he handsome and magnanimous and lovely to behold ?'


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