Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Story of Savitri - Part 25 of 31


Savitri, after Yama had gone away, went back to the spot where her husband's ash-coloured corpse lay, and seeing her lord on the ground, she approached him, and taking hold of him, she placed his head on her lap and herself sat down on the ground.

Then Satyavan regained his consciousness, and affectionately eyeing Savitri again and again, like one come home after a sojourn in a strange land, he addressed her thus, 'Alas, I have slept long ! 

Wherefore didst thou not awake me ? 

And where is that same sable person that was dragging me away ?'

At these words of his, Savitri said, 'Thou hast, bull among men, slept long on my lap ! 

That restrainer of creatures, the worshipful Yama, had gone away. Thou art refreshed, O blessed one, and sleep hath forsaken thee, son of a king ! 

If thou art able, rise thou up I Behold, the night is deep !'

Markandeya continued, 'Having regained consciousness, Satyavan rose up like one who had enjoyed a sweet sleep, and seeing every side covered with woods, said, 'O girl of slender waist, I came with thee for procuring fruits.

Then while I was cutting wood I felt a pain in my head. And on account of that intense pain about my head I was unable to stand for any length of time, and, therefore, I lay on thy lap and slept. 

All this, O auspicious lady, I remember.
Then, as thou didst embrace me, sleep stole away my senses. I then saw that it was dark all around. 

In the midst of it I saw a person of exceeding effulgence. If thou knowest everything, do thou then, O girl of slender waist, tell me whether what I saw was only a dream or a reality !' 

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