Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Story of Savitri - Part 11 of 31


And arriving at the asylum of Dyumatsena in the sacred forest, the king approached the royal sage on foot, accompanied by the twice-born ones.

And there he beheld the blind monarch of great wisdom seated on a cushion of Kusa grass spread under Sala tree.

And after duly reverencing the royal sage, the king in an humble speech introduced himself.

Thereupon, offering him the Arghya, a seat, and a cow, the monarch asked his royal guest, Wherefore is this visit ?

Thus addressed the king disclosed everything about his intentions and purpose with reference to Satyavan.

And Aswapati said, 'O royal sage, this beautiful girl is my daughter named Savitri.

Thou versed in morality, do thou, agreeably to the customs of our order, take her from me as thy daughter-in-law !'

Hearing these words, Dyumatsena said, 'Deprived of kingdom, and taking up our abode in the woods, we are engaged in the practice of virtue as ascetics with regulated lives.

Unworthy of a forest life, how will thy daughter, living in the sylvan asylum, bear this hardship?'


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