Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Story of Savitri - Part 22 of 31


Savitri said, 'Staying by the side of my husband, I am not conscious of the length of the way I have walked.

Indeed, my mind rusheth to yet a longer way of. Do thou again, as thou goest on, listen to the words that I will presently utter !

Thou art the powerful son of Vivaswat. It is for this that thou art called Vaivasivata by the wise.

And, O lord, since thou dealest out equal law unto all created things, thou hast been designated the lord of justice! 

One reposeth not, even in one's own self, the confidence that one doth in the righteous.

Therefore, every one wisheth particularly for intimacy with the righteous. It is goodness of heart alone that inspireth the confidence of all creatures.

And it is for this that people rely particularly on the righteous.'

And hearing these words, Yama said, 'The words that thou utterest, fair lady, I have not heard from any one save thee ; I am highly pleased with this speech of thine.

Except the life of Satyavan, solicit thou, therefore, a fourth boon, and then go thy way !'

Savitri then said, 'Both of me and Satyavan's loins, begotten by both of us, let there be a century of sons possessed of strength and prowess and capable of perpetuating our race !

Even this is the fourth boon that I would beg of thee !' 


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