Friday, October 21, 2011

The Story of Savitri - Part 21 of 31


Yama said, 'These words that thou hast spoken, so fraught with useful instruction, delight the heart and enhance the wisdom of even the learned. Therefore, lady, solicit thou a second boon, except the life of Satyavan !'

Savitri said, 'Sometime before, my wise and intelligent father-in-law was deprived of his kingdom.

May that monarch regain his kingdom. And may that superior of mine never renounce his duties !

Even this is the second boon that I solicit !'

Then Yama said, 'The king shall soon regain his kingdom. Nor shall he ever fall off from his duties. Thus, daughter of a king have I fulfilled thy desire.

Do thou now desist ! Beturn ! Do not take any future trouble !'

Savitri said, 'Thou hast restrained all creatures by thy decrees, and it is by thy decrees that thou takest them away, not according to thy will. Therefore it is, god, O divine one, that people call thee Yama!

Do thou listen to the words that I say ! The eternal duty of the good towards all creatures is never to injure them in thought, word, and deed, but to bear them love and give them their due.

As regards this world, everything here is like this (husband of mine). Men are destitute of both devotion and skill. The good, however, show mercy to even their foes when these seek their protection.

Yama said, 'As water to the thirsty soul, so are these words uttered by thee to me ! Therefore, do thou, O fair lady, if thou will, once again ask for any boon except Satyavana's life !'

At these words Savitri replied, 'That lord of earth, my father, is without sons. That he may have a hundred sons begotten of his loins, so that his line may be perpetuated, is the third boon I would ask of thee !'

Yama said, 'Thy sire, auspicious lady, shall obtain a hundred illustrious sons, who will perpetuate and increase their father's race ! Now, O daughter of a king, thou hast obtained thy wish. Do thou desist ! Thou hast come far enough.'


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