Monday, October 24, 2011

The Story of Savitri - Part 24 of 31


Savitri continued “Deprived of my husband, I am as one dead ! 

Without my husband, I do not wish for happiness.

Without my husband, I do not wish for heaven itself.

Without my husband, I do not wish for prosperity.

Without my husband, I cannot make up my mind to live !

Thou thyself hast bestowed on me the boon, namely, of a century of sons ; yet thou takest away my husband !

I ask for this boon, 'May Satyavan be restored to life, for by that thy words will be made true.' "

Markandeya continued, 'Thereupon saying, So be it, Vivaswat's son, Yama, the dispenser of justice, untied his noose, and with cheerful heart said these words to Savitri, 'Thus, O auspicious and chaste lady, is thy husband freed by me !

Thou wilt be able to take him back free from disease. And he will attain to success ! And along with thee, he will attain a life of four hundred years.

And celebrating sacrifices with due rites, he will achieve great fame in this world. And upon thee Satyavan will also beget a century of sons.

And these Kshatriyas with their sons and grandsons will all be kings, and will always be famous in connection with thy name. And thy father also will beget a hundred sons on thy mother Malavi.

And under the name of the Malavas, thy Kshatriya brothers, resembling the celestials, will be widely known along with their sons and daughters !'
 And having bestowed these boons on Savitri and having thus made her desist, Yama departed for his abode.


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