Sunday, September 29, 2013

Back to discuss Music now!

Hello Friends,

After a gap of almost year and a half, am now back to the Blog as I decided to share some of my thoughts on music..

I started posting some medley mixes based on Ragas, which a few of you would have seen on mixcloud already. Am going to continue writing about these on my blog, so it can be used for future references.

To start with, I will get on to a medley that I posted first on mixcloud. Quite a lot of information is available on the net about ragas and film songs etc.. my intent is not to just write again about that, but to make a blend of such beautiful songs using my little knowledge in music editing and mixing, so that you can listen to the joy of some great songs strung together.

I would now explain a bit about the songs used in this medley first..

The song starts with an eclectic mix of Hindi folkish blended with mild western, with Carnatic lead ins.. and then it effortlessly jumps on to deliver pure Carnatic delight.. Yesudas delivering Maha Ganapatim set to mild drum beats in the background.. what more can you ask for in a fusion setup..

All credits for the blend so far are purely to Vidyasagar, who has made this wonderful stuff in the Malayalam movie "Millenium Stars"..

From here, the song jumps back to Tamil where I have blended the charanam of "Chennai Sentamizh" song from the movie M Kumaran - music by Srikanth Deva.

Largely, this is based on Naattai Raga, and brings forth one of the best blends of various forms of music from India's length and breadth... as such, this is one of my favorites.

Will see you soon with the next mix shortly..

Here is the great composition - largely a beautiful work of Vidyasagar, with a fine work of Srikanth Deva added at the end for a mix effect.

Would appreciate your views & comments..