Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Story of Savitri - Part 13 of 31


And she gratified her mother-in-law by attending to her person and by covering her with robes and ornaments. 

And she gratified her father-in-law by worshipping him as a god and controlling her speech.

And she pleased her husband by her honied speeches, her skill in every kind of work, the evenness of her temper, and by the indications of her love in private.

And thus, Bharata, living in the asylum of those pious dwellers of the forest, they continued for some time to practise ascetic austerities. But the words spoken by Narada were present night and day in the mind of the sorrowful Savitri'

Markandeya said, 'At length, king, after a long time had passed away, the hour that had been appointed for the death of Satyavan arrived. 

And as the words that had been spoken by Narada were ever present in the mind of Savitri, she had counted the days as they passed. 

And having ascertained that her husband would die on the fourth day following, the damsel fasted day and night, observing the Triratra vow.

And hearing of her vow, the king became exceedingly sorrow and rising up soothed Savitri and said these words, 'This vow that thou hast begun to observe, daughter of a king, is exceedingly hard ; for it is extremely difficult to fast for three nights together !'

And hearing those words, Savitri said, 'Thou needst not be sorry, O father ! This vow I shall be able to observe! I have for certain undertaken this task with perseverance ; and perseverance is the cause of the successful observance of vows.


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