Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Story of Savitri - Part 5 of 31


Markandeya said, 'Having said these words to his daughter and his old counsellors, he instructed the attendants to follow her, saying, Go !

Thereat, bashfully bowing down unto her father's feet, the meek maid went out without hesitation, in compliance with the words of her sire.

And ascending a golden car, she went to the delightful asylum of the royal sages, accompanied by her father's aged counsellors.

There, O son, worshipping the feet of the aged ones, she gradually began to roam over all the woods.

Thus the king's daughter distributing wealth in all sacred regions, ranged the various places belonging to the foremost of the twice-born ones.'

Markandeya continued, 'On one occasion, Bharata, when that king, the lord of the Madras, was seated with Narada in the midst of his court, engaged in conversation, Savitri, accompanied by the king's counsellors, came to her father's abode after having visited various sacred regions and asylums.

And beholding her father seated with Narada, she worshipped the feet of both by bending down her head.

And Narada then said, 'Whither had this thy daughter gone ? And, king, whence also doth she come ? Why also dost thou not bestow her on a husband, now that she hath arrived at the age of puberty ?'

Aswapati answered, saying, 'Surely it was on this very business that she had been sent, and she returneth now  (from her search).


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