Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Story of Savitri - Part 4 of 31


And having reverenced the feet of her father and offering him the flowers she had brought, that maiden of exceeding grace, with joined hands, stood at the side of the king.

And seeing his own daughter resembling a celestial damsel arrived at puberty, and unsought by people, the king became sad.

And the king said, 'Daughter, the time for bestowing thee is come ! Yet none asketh thee. Do thou (therefore) thyself seek for a husband equal to thee in qualities !

That person who may be desired by thee should be notified to me. Do thou choose for thy husband as thou listest. I shall bestow thee with deliberation.

Do thou, auspicious one, listen to me as I tell thee the words which I heard recited by the twice-born ones.

The father that doth not bestow his daughter cometh by disgrace.

And the husband that knoweth not his wife in her season meeteth with disgrace.

And the son that doth not protect his mother when her husband is dead, also suffereth disgrace.

Hearing these words of mine, do thou engage thyself in search of a husband. Do thou act in such a way that we may not be censured by the gods !'


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