Monday, October 3, 2011

The Story of Savitri - Part 3 of 31


And that hero began to live in his kingdom, ruling his subjects righteously. And when some time had elapsed, that king, observant of vows, begat offspring on his eldest queen engaged in the practice of virtue.

And then, O bull of the Bharata race, the embryo in the womb of the princess of Malava increased like the lord of stars in the heavens during the lighted fortnight. 

And when the time came, she brought forth a daughter furnished with lotus-like eyes.

And that best of monarchs, joyfully performed the usual ceremonies on her behalf. And as she had been bestowed with delight by the goddess Savitri by virtue of the oblations offered in honour of that goddess, both her father, and the Brahmanas named her Savitri.

And the king's daughter grew like unto Sree herself in an embodied form. And in due time, that damsel attained her puberty.

And beholding that graceful maiden of slender waist and ample hips, and resembling a golden image, people thought, 'We have received a goddess.' 

And overpowered by her energy, none could wed that girl of eyes like lotus-leaves, and possessed of a burning splendour.

And it came to pass that once on the occasion of a parva, having fasted and bathed her head, she presented herself before the (family) deity and caused the Brahmanas to offer oblations with due rites to the sacrificial fire. 

And taking the flowers that had been offered to the god, that lady, beautiful as Sree herself, went to her high-souled sire.


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