Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Story of Savitri - Part 23 of 31


Hearing these words of hers, Yama replied, 'Thou shalt, O lady, obtain a century of sons, possessed of strength and prowess, and causing thee great delight, O daughter of a king, let no more weariness be thine. 

Do thou desist ! Thou hast already come too far !'

Thus addressed, Savitri said, 'They that are righteous always practise eternal morality ! And the communion of the pious with the pious is never fruitless ! 

Nor is there any danger to the pious from those that are pious.

And verily it is the righteous who by their truth make the sun move in the heaven. And it is the righteous that support the earth by their austerities !

And, O king, it is the righteous upon whom both the past and the future depend ! Therefore, they that are righteous, are never cheerless in the company of the righteous.

Knowing this to be the eternal practice of the good and righteous, they that are righteous continue to do good to others without expecting any benefit in return. A good office is never thrown away on the good and virtuous.

Neither interest nor dignity suffereth any injury by such an act. And since such conduct ever adheres to the righteous, the righteous often become the protectors of all.'

Hearing these words of hers, Yama replied, 'The more thou utterest such speeches that are pregnant with great import, full of honied phrases, instinct with morality, and agreeable to mind, the more is the respect that I feel for thee ! O thou that art so devoted to thy lord, ask for some incomparable boon !'

Thus addressed, Savitri said, 'O bostower of honours, the boon thou hast already given me is incapable of accomplishment without union with my husband. Therefore, among other boons, I ask for this, may this Satyavan be restored to life !


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