Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Story of Savitri - Part 12 of 31


Aswapati said, 'When my daughter knoweth, as well as myself, that happiness and misery come and go (without either being stationary), such words as these are not fit to be used towards one like me !

O king, I have come hither, having made up my mind ! I have bowed to thee from friendship ; it behoveth thee not, therefore, to destroy my hope !

It behoveth thee not, also, to disregard me who, moved by love, have come to thee ! Thou art my equal and fit for an alliance with me, as indeed, I am thy equal and fit for alliance with thee !

Do thou, therefore, accept my daughter for thy daughter-in-law and the wife of the good Satyavan !'

Hearing these words Dyumatsena said, 'Formerly I had desired an alliance with thee. But I hesitated, being subsequently deprived of my kingdom. Let this wish, therefore, that I had formerly entertained, be accomplished this very day. Thou art, indeed, a welcome guest to me !'

Then summoning all the twice- born ones residing in the hermitages of that forest, the two kings caused the union to take place with due rites.

And having bestowed his daughter with suitable robes and ornaments, Aswapati went back to his abode in great joy. 

And Satyavan, having obtained a wife possessed of every accomplishment, became highly glad, while she also rejoiced exceedingly upon having gained the husband after her own heart.

And when her father had departed, she put off all her ornaments, and clad herself in barks and cloths dyed in red. 

And by her services and virtues, her tenderness and self-denial, and by her agreeable offices unto all, she pleased everybody.


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