Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Story of Savitri - Part 15 of 31


Then, O best of the Bharatas, well pleased, her father-in-law and mother-in-law said these words unto the princess seated in a corner, 'Thou hast completed the vow as prescribed. The time for thy meal hath now arrived ; therefore, do thou what is proper !'

Thereat Savitri said, 'Now that I have completed the purposed vow, I will eat when the Sun goes down. Even this is my heart's resolve and this my vow !'

Markandeya continued, 'And when Savitri had spoken thus about her meal, Satyavan, taking his axe upon his shoulders, set out for the woods.

And at this, Savitri said unto her husband, 'It behoveth thee not to go alone ! I will accompany thee. I cannot bear to be separated from thee !'

Hearing these words of hers, Satyavan said, 'Thou hast never before repaired to the forest. And, O lady, the forest-paths are hard to pass !

Besides thou hast been reduced by fast on account of thy vow. How wouldst thou, therefore, be able to walk on foot ?'

Thus addressed, Savitri said, 'I do not feel langour because of the fast, nor do I feel exhaustion. And I have made up my mind to go. It behoveth thee not, therefore, to prevent me !'

At this, Satyavan said, 'If thou desirest to go, I will gratify that desire of thine. Do thou, however, take the permission of my parents, so that I may be guilty of no fault !'


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