Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Story of Savitri - Part 6 of 31


Aswapati said to Sage Narada: ‘Do thou, O celestial sage, listen, even from her as to the husband she hath chosen herself !'

Sage Markandeya continued, 'Then the blessed maid, commanded by her father with the words - Relate everything in detail - regarded those words of her sire as if they were those of a god, and spoke unto him thus, 

'There was, amongst the Salwas, a virtuous Kshatriya king known by the name of Dyumatsena.

And it came to pass that in course of time he became blind. And that blind king possessed of wisdom had an only son.

And it so happened that an old enemy dwelling in the vicinity, taking advantage of the king's mishap, deprived him of his kingdom.

And thereupon the monarch, accompanied by his wife bearing a child on her breast, went into the woods. 

And having retired into the forests, he adopted great vows and began to practise ascetic austerities.

And his son, born in the city, began to grow in the hermitage.

That youth, fit to be my husband, I have accepted in my heart for my lord !'


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