Monday, October 17, 2011

The Story of Savitri - Part 17 of 31


Markandeya continued, 'Having received the permission of both, the illustrious Savitri, departed with her lord, in seeming smiles although her heart was racked with grief.

And that lady of large eyes went on, beholding picturesque and delightful woods inhabited by swarms of peacocks. 

And Satyavan sweetly said unto Savitri, 'Behold these rivers of sacred currents and these excellent trees decked with flowers !'

But the faultless Savitri continued to watch her lord in all his moods, and recollecting the words of the celestial sage, she considered her husband as already dead. 

And with heart cleft in twain, that damsel, replying to her lord, softly followed him expecting that hour.'

Markandeya said, ‘The powerful Satyavan then, accompanied by his wife, plucked fruits and filled his wallet with them. And he then began to fell branches of trees.

And as he was hewing them, he began to perspire. And in consequence of that exercise his head began to ache. 

And afflicted with toil, he approached his beloved wife, and addressed her, saying, 'O Savitri, owing to this hard exercise my head acheth, and all my limbs and my heart also are afflicted sorely !

O thou of restrained speech, I think myself unwell, I feel as if my head is being pierced with numerous darts. Therefore, auspicious lady, I wish to sleep, for I have not the power to stand.'

Hearing these words, Savitri quickly advancing, approached her husband, and sat down upon the ground, placing his head upon her lap. 

And that helpless lady, thinking of Narada's words, began to calculate the (appointed) division of the day, the hour, and the moment.

The next moment she saw a person clad in red attire with his head decked with a diadem. And his body was of large proportions and effulgent as the sun. 

And he was of a darkish hue, had red eyes, carried a noose in his hand, and was dreadful to behold.


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