Monday, October 10, 2011

The Story of Savitri - Part 10 of 31


Having first settled a thing mentally, it is expressed in words, and then it is carried out into practice. 
Of this my mind is an example !'

Narada then said, 'O best of men, the heart of thy daughter Savitri wavereth not !

It is not possible by any means to make her swerve from this path of virtue !

In no other person are those virtues that dwell in Satyavan.

The bestowal of thy daughter, therefore, is approved by me !'

The king said, 'What thou hast said, O illustrious one, should never be disobeyed, for thy words are true !

And I shall act as thou hast said, since thou art my preceptor !'

Narada said, 'May the bestowal of thy daughter Savitri be attended with peace ! I shall now depart. Blessed be all of ye !'

Sage Markandeya continued, 'Having said this, Narada rose up into the sky and went to heaven. On the other hand, the king began to make preparations for his daughter's wedding !'

Markandeya said, 'Having pondered over these words (of Narada) about his daughter's marriage, the king began to make arrangements about the nuptials.

And summoning all the old Brahmanas, and Ritwijas together with the priests, he set out with his daughter on an auspicious day.

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