Sunday, July 31, 2011

Good Proverbs - Subhashitaani # 31

It is very difficult for the unmarried girl called praise ('stuti') to get married. The reason is good people ('sajjan' or 'sabhya' people) do not like her (The 'sajjan' people do not like if anybody praises them) and she herself does not like bad ('durjan') people (Nobody praises a bad ('durjan') person). This subhAshit may seem to be a 'not much serious' one.

The subhAshitkAr has tried to tell one of the good qualities of a noble person- That a good person does not like to be praised. And so the poetic mind of the subhAshitkar thinks from the point of view of "praise"!! Where will the "praise" go if good people do not like her and who will prefer to go to the bad person?! And so the subhAshitkAr thinks that may be she ('Praise') will never get married!

A beautiful colourful flower but which doesn't have a nice fragrance doesn't seem good. (A flower apart from being colourful should also have a nice fragrance only then it's utility increases) . Similarly without action, only good talks doesn't seem good. To stress the point that apart from being 'kind-spoken' to every one, one should also support it by his/her own actions, the subhAshitkar has given an example of a colourful flower but without fragrance.

If flower doesn't spread it's fragrance around then what is the use of it's attractive looks. The colour of the flower is it's external beauty while it's fragrance is it's 'guna' - i.e. one of the qualities. One of the great saints Samartha Swami Ramdas has said 'kriyavena vaachalata vyartha aahe' - i.e. without the 'kartuttva', the 'vaani' has no meaning.

A person with enthusiasm is a powerful person. There is nothing as powerful as enthusiasm. nothing is impossible ('durlabhah' literally means unachievable) to an enthusiastic person.
This subhashit says "If there is a will, there is a way." Nothing is impossible; one must push it till the end.

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