Thursday, July 21, 2011

Good Proverbs - Subhashitaani # 21

There is only one bird (Khag) who has very high self esteem and self respect, Let that that Chataka (that bird's name) live long life (Chiranjeev). Line two explains why is he called Khagomani. He would prefer to die because of thirst but will ask for water only from God Indra (Purandar). Means, he drinks only rain water. He will never drink water from the pond or stored water. Such high self respect and self esteem he has. In other words dont do Yachana( Yachana is like asking something from some one as u are in need) to any one but only to the greatest authority which is GOD.

OM May that Brahman protect us both (Teacher & Disciple);
May that Brahman nourish us both; May we work in harmony with great vigor;
May our study be illuminating and fruitful; May we not hate each other.

Om.. Peace, Peace.. Peace.

In a house where fools are not honoured (fools are not involved in decision making), where there are enough stocks of food (and things required in day to days life) and where there is no conflict between husband and wife, there 'lakshmi' (prosperity) comes by its own.

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