Saturday, July 23, 2011

Good Proverbs - Subhashitaani # 23

Subhashitkar is addressing Satyavikram in this Subhashitam. Dharma which violates other's dharma, is not true dharma. It is kudharma. (bad dharma) dharma which is not against others interest is true dharma. Dharma here is, duties of a person.

Among the hundred people only one is brave.
Among the thousands of them only one is a 'Pandit'
Among the ten thousands only one is a good orator,

But the people who "give" ('daata' - One who donates) are very very rare.

Pay attention as to how words are used here: If (the word) "sAkShara" (literate) is inverted, it becomes "rAkShasa" (devil). (but) if (the word) "sarasa" (good) is inverted, it remains "sarasa" This meaning is apparent if we play word game.

But the the other more imp. meaning is as follows, A "sakshara" (literate or educated person) can behave like a "rakshas" (a wicked person) in certain situations. But a "saras" (good person, cultured person, gentleman) will not leave his this property (of being good person) in any condition.

Subhashitkar is telling us to be a sarasa person along with being sAkShara.

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