Sunday, July 3, 2011

Good Proverbs - Subhashitaani # 3

Horse (Ashwam)? - No, Elephant (Gajam)? - No, Tiger (VyaGhram)?? - No,Not at all!! Only the baby goat (AjaaPutram) is sacrificed during any ritual. Conclusion is that even God may not be able to protect the weak (indicates those weak in their devotion to God) !!

In all the 18 'Puranas' Shri. Vyaasa Maharshi has told only two gospels. These are : a) Doing favour to others is 'Punya' and b) troubling others is 'Paapa' (Sin)!!

Starting from Himalayas and extending upto Indu sarovaram (Indian Ocean) is the nation created by God which is known as 'Hindusthan'. Himalayan ranges including Hindukush parvat on Western side and the ranges extending upto North Myanmar ( Brahmadesh) on the Eastern side formed the Northern Boundary of ancient Hindusthan. This land extended upto the Indian Ocean on the Southern side. This is the sacred land where God took Birth from time to time and recreated and established the social structure.

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