Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Good Proverbs - Subhashitaani # 26

Bad company does not induce changes (bad habits) in a good person. (as) (poisonous) snakes (cobra) on sandal tree does not cause that tree to become poisonous.

(During sagarmanthan) Gods did not get satisfied with precious jewels (ratna) nor they fell pray to the terror of the deadly poison. They did not rest until they did get 'amrit' (which was the aim of the sagarmanthan exercise). The people with patience (good qualities) do not rest (stop) until they get the (pre)determined (targetted) result.

By breaking the pots. tearing off the cloths, (or) by riding on a donkey. by hook or by crook, person should become popular. In this Subhashit, Subhaashitkar is describing those people, whose aim is just to become popular by any means. If we look around in our society, we will find plenty of them. A few people are always engaged in these "ghaTam bhindyAt" types of activities and by that they earn fame, they've got nothing else to bank on. Obviously Subhaashitkar is asking us to check whether we are doing anything like that.

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