Sunday, July 17, 2011

Good Proverbs - Subhashitaani # 17

At the tip of the hand(fingers), is the abode of Goddess Lakshmi; in the center of the hand(the palm) stays Goddess Sarasvati. At the base of the hand(wrist), there is Lord Vishnu. Hence, in the morning, one should take a glimpse of his/her hands first. [We count money by the finger-tips. We write by holding the pen in our fingers and palm. All the work that we can do, is because of the wrists(Vishnu is the Lord of the Universe who governs its functioning). So, on waking up in the morning, one should have a "darshan" of his hands.]

Knowledge ('Vidya') is the real wealth, in a foreign land, So is Cleverness, at tough times. Righteousness ('Dharma') is the only wealth that can buy Heaven ('Par-lok'). Verily, Good Conduct ('Sheel') is the wealth everywhere and at all the times!

It cannot be stolen by thieves, Nor can it be taken away by kings. It cannot be divided among brothers and It does not cause a load on your shoulders. If spent, It indeed always keeps growing. The wealth of knowledge is the most superior wealth of all!

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