Friday, July 15, 2011

Good Proverbs - Subhashitaani # 15

Crow is black, cuckoo bird is (also) black. What is the difference between crow and cuckoo bird ? (But) When spring arrives crow is crow and cuckoo bird is cuckoo bird. (With the advent of spring, cuckoo bird starts singing with its sweet voice, but crow does not have this ability.) This subhashit is exactly in lines with the previous subhashit.

Oh! King; we both are 'LOKANATHA'. Only the difference is that I am 'bahuvrihi' ( the one whose guardians are people) and on the contrary you are 'Shashthipurush' ( the guardian of people i.e.ruler or king.)

( This 'shlok' is from the conversation between Mahamantri Vidur and Dhritarashtra in Mahabharat. Vidur says,) Your Majesty, always good speaking people can be easily found. (But) a person speaking bitter (truth) and one who listens to him are both difficult to find.

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