Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Good Proverbs - Subhashitaani # 19

What the subhAshitam wants to covey is that the greatest of the tasks can be done by arranging/organising the small small things. This message is coveyed by giving the example of a thick rope that is used to bind an elephant. A thick rope gains it's strength due to it's innumerous small threads that are binded together, which in turn has so much of strength as to hold an elephant. 'Small drops of water makes the ocean' also conveys the same meaning.

atiparichayAdavjNa -If you go too much close to some one it is likely that people may not listen (Awandya means your order will not be obeyed) saMtatgamanAt anAdaro bhavati - Same is true if you go & visit some one frequently you will be insulted. You may not be treated with same respect as always.

malaye bhillA purandhrI chandanatarukAShTham iMdhanam kurute - To support this above saying , example is given of a woman (Purandhri) living on Malaya Mountain where Sandal wood is available in abundance.So she uses it for her daily rituals like burning it to cook food etc., But for the rest of the world same sandal wood is very costly because it is not so easily available to them.

A snake is cruel and so is the wicked person. But a wicked person should be called more cruel than the snake because the snake can be calmed by some techniques ('Mantras'), but the wicked person cannot be kept in control by any such techniques!

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Unknown said...

Like the 2nd one.

As they say in Tamil, விருந்தும் மருந்தும் முன்று நாட்களுட்கு தான்!!