Saturday, July 30, 2011

Good Proverbs - Subhashitaani # 30

There is no sight such as knowledge - i.e. By knowledege ('vidya') one can see what cannot be seen by a naked eye. Knowledge gives the vision to see beyond some obvious things.There is no 'Tapha' (Nearest meaning I think is Hard work) such as Truth - i.e. One has to do lot's of hard work to be on the side of Truth. There is no sorrow such as the desire - i.e. Desires of a person brings much sorrow to him There is no happiness such as sacrifice - i.e. 'TyAga' (Sacrifice) brings more happiness to the person. [Hard to believe, Isn't it?!!]

This is a very good subhAshit to think over. Many people may have realised "nAsti tyAga samam suKham" in their family life when they personally may have undergone some hardships only to see their kith and keens more happy and satisfied! Who else than our own Mother would be the living example of "nAsti tyAga samam suKham"!!

If a person does not have money/wealth; his friends, sons, wife, and close relatives leave him ( they dont find him interesting any further). If the same person gains his wealth, they all return to him, money/wealth is man's companion in this world indeed!

Subhashitkar explains bitter fact of life that, we always try to be with a person who can be of some benefit to us. If that person is no longer of use, then we leave him..( refer to subhashit 54 which has similar meaning). this reminds me a joke... "success is relative... more success, more relatives"

A person who travels in different-different countries, ('desha' can also be translated as direction here.). a person who serves scholars (learned person), his intelligence expands or develops as drop of oil on water surface.

Often, a person who is very sharp is called 'tailabuddhi'. When a drop of oil falls on water surface, it spreads over water and forms layer of oil; in that way a drop of oil 'covers' water surface (oil is taila in sanskrit). Similarly intelligence (buddhi) of a person (his grasping power) covers all the subjects.

Here, subhasitkar says that, a person who travels a lot (and hence meets many people) and is in contact with 'pundits' develops his brain like that drop of oil in water.

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