Friday, April 8, 2011

Health Tips # 8 - Hair loss - the reasons.

As a part of our life, we experience some hair shed every day (up to 100 is considered normal). Some people experience a high level of hair loss and later it result to baldness.

The pattern of hair growth and loss in men and women is different. Different factors affect the loss of hair, including hormonal imbalances. If the thyroid gland is overactive or under active it could lead to hair loss. Significant fluctuations in the level of androgen and estrogens could also cause hair loss.

Sometimes medicines can also cause hair fall. The medicines which are generally used for blood pressure, birth control etc fall in this category - they contain some ingredients that reduce the growth of hair.

Over styling is yet another serious cause for hair loss. Hair coloring, hair straightening and perking give a negative effect, because these treatments use chemicals and excessive heat. Chemicals and over heat will affect the normal growth and health of hair.

In youngsters, because of the excessive tension and stress that is present today, we can see significant hair loss.

Some infections also cause hair loss. Certain fungal infections and presence of dandruff is another cause for the hair loss.

Proper care of hair will reduce the amount of hair loss. We have to keep the hair properly shampooed, cleaned and conditioned using the natural ingredients (as much as possible) which would ensure the hair loss is kept under control.

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