Monday, April 18, 2011

Health Tips # 18 - The wonder fruit called Sour Sop

A good old friend of mine sent me these pieces of info to share with all on the Blog - this is about a fruit called Sour Sop which is claimed to be highly effective for cancer treatments.

Apparently, this is the same fruit that is called Mullan Chakka or Lakshmana Pazham in Malayalam, and is grown in Kerala. The fruit is in high demand and supposedly very difficult to get, owing to its medicinal properties.

Here are some insights into the medical facts - please take note and forward to people who are affected by cancer.


A small erect tree grows up to 6 meters in height. Leaves simple alternate, acute, oval-oblong, glossy dark green colored, glabrous above and hairy below. Flowers arises from main stem and from tender stems, thick petellate, greenish yellow and heart shaped. Fruits large, with abundant prickles or bristles, containing numerous long brown colored seeds embedded in the whitish pulp.


Plant pacifies vitiated pitta, constipation, burning sensation, bacterial infections, parasites, hypertension, depression, fever, viral infections, malignancy and general tonic. Root decoction is a powerful purgative. Powdered seed kills body and hair lice on external application.

Useful part : Leaves, Fruit, Root, Bark, Seed.


English : Soursop tree

Hindi : Lakshman phal

Sanskrit: Lakshmanaphala

Malayalam : Mullan chakka, Lakshmanapazam.

Botanical name : Annona muricata Linn (Annona macrocarpa Wercklé)

Family : Annonaceae

Distribution – Cultivated throughout warmer parts of India, as well as growing wild.

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Forum said...

Can you please tell me where can I get Sour Sop in Mumbai. I need it for my aunt but don't know where to find it. Pls. reply as early as possible.

sinus surgery Los Angeles said...

Sometimes we never know the goodness of some of the fruits.they are filled with curatives powers while we ignore and run after severe medications maybe some healthy diet would be the best idea.

sandip said...

can you give me contact details of person who have seeds of this laxmanphal. i am intersested for farming the same. i have 20 acor land. if possiable pl contact me on mbl no.9867260911
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Annabel Nunez said...

Thanks for the post!..Its been very helpful. Yes its true that soursop can cure cancer. Actually soursop has many medicinal uses.

tash said...

Can you please tell me where can I get Sour Sop fruitin Pune. I need it for my aunt but don't know where to find it. Pls. reply as early as possible.

Naina said...

thanx 4 the details Hari ji will u get me the details of it's extract of this fruit

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thanks for valueable details

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Thank you!! your post was very informative and I have suggested it to others!!

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Why is this good information been flooded & spammed by corporate hospital rackets?