Monday, April 11, 2011

Health Tips # 11 - Summer special tips..

Summery :)

Beat the heat with Fruit Juices - try out juices of grapes, watermelon, banana, jack fruit, lemon and pineapple during summer. Consumption of fruits and juices reduces body heat and benefits in controlling body temperature.

Now for the details:

Summer is one of the six seasons of the year. Every two months will make a season or Ritu (Sanskrit). Peak Summer is typically in between the 16th May to 15th July. The strength of the body will be lost during this period.

People feel tired and exhausted during the season due to extensive heat rays of the sun, the watery portion (or Kapha) of the body of people, animals, plants, foods and the entire environment will become dry and the Vaata will become more in the body and the atmosphere. The skin will become dry and may precipitate skin diseases as eczema.

What to Drink and Eat

One must drink the juices of grapes, watermelon, banana, jack fruit, lemon and pineapple. This is to say foods and juices of sweet and cold and easily digestible must be consumed. The preparations of sugar, barely/green gram, sharbats, buttermilk with sugar candy are to be used daily to cool the body. One must take the food of white rice with meat soup of meat of animals reared in cold areas.

The juices of dry grapes, cucumber, kharjura with Dalchini, Cardamom must be drunk along with pure cold water kept in a pot or a freezer or these must be kept at night in moon light and used along with buffalo's milk. Water with parijatha flowers and usheera can also be used for drinking.

- One must not take foods of pungent, sour, dry and salty foods. Foods of rice with milk, sugar candy, butter milk, lassie are good for good health. Ghee can be used.

- In this season satvic type of foods is advocated to promote and to preserve good health.

- Coffee and tea are not all good as they stimulate the central nervous system. Taking them on empty stomach is harmful as they mix with acid and circulated all over the body producing several diseases.

- Alcohol is a hot drink and must not be used druing this season, either avoid it or drink it with plenty of water.

What to do and what not to do?

One must spend time in a place surrounded by water and green trees, or mountains, with the family and children. Must sleep during day, if possible (not during office hours). Swimming is also advisable in a pond, lake or river. Stay exposed to moon's rays at night. Should wear light cotton clothes.

Wear Pearls and flower garlands. Body must be anointed with sandal and usheera paste which cools the body. Cold-water bath is good for the body. Exercise must be limited. Avoid exposure to sun's rays especially during peak hot time.

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