Sunday, April 17, 2011

Health Tips # 17 - Honey, honey and honey..

Today's post is focused on a special food - Honey, which is a favorite food for many kids and grown-up kids too.

But there is always a lot of confusion around whether too much of Honey would result in weight gain. Hence, this article is specifically aimed at listing down the benefits of honey and its medicinal value, and usage guide for various intended results.

As everyone is aware, honey is a sweet food made by some insects using nectar from flowers. Honey will digest very quickly and mix in blood. We can have Honey with milk, yogurt, tea, cream, water, vegetables, fruit juices etc. In winter we can take honey with hot drinks and in summer with cold drink. We should never end up directly heating honey, and avoid using artificial glucose-based honey as well.

Here are the medicinal uses.

Obesity: Mix honey in warm Water and take in morning to lose weight.

Gain weight: And if you want to gain fat, drink Milk with Honey.

General Weakness: Honey contains vitamin “A” and “B” so it enhances the vision of eyes. It also increases appetite and removes the weakness.

Constipation: Drink two teaspoons of honey with water in morning & evening. It helps to reduce the constipation.

Energy: Take lemon and honey in hot water in morning. You will get a booster dose of energy.

Pregnancy: If a pregnant woman takes two teaspoons of honey every day she will not face problem related to blood storage and foetal development.

Teeth: Children’s teeth develops easily if we keep applying honey on their gums.

Sleep: Take honey with lemon juice for good sleep.

Throat congestion: Mix one teaspoon of honey in warm water and gargle for throat congestion relief.

Vomiting: Mix two teaspoons of onion juice with two teaspoons of honey, have it to stop vomiting.

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