Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Glimpses from Mahabharata # 8 - Duryodhana & Karna


On the other hand Dhritarashtra was happy that Pandu gone to vaanprasth and he may have the chance to be the father of the next king if he got son before Pandu. Gandhari got pregnant, he was the happiest person on earth, but fortune was not in his favour. After a long pregnancy, she gave birth to a meatball. Everyone was shocked.
At that time Ved Vyaas came and told them to cut that ball into 100 pieces and put each of them in separate pots and close their mouth. When time will come, he will tell them to open. But instead of cutting hundred pieces they cut the meatball 100 times and got 101 pieces. Ved Vyaas said that Gandhari will have only 100 sons from this 101st piece she will have a daughter.
Yudhishthir had born first. Dhritarashtra lost his throne again. This pain was not tolerable for him. But he can not say to anybody his feelings. Pandu was the king and his son who was elder then his son Duryodhan had the right over the throne. He forgot his all pain when he listened sweet voice of his first child Duryodhan (Tough Worrier). His second son was Dusashan. He named his daughter as Dushila who was married later to Jayadrath.

Kunti was very beautiful and gorgeous. When she was young, once Durvasa Muni, a saint famous for his anger, visited his father and intended to stay there for some time. His father Kuntal the king of Matura asked Kunti to serve him the best to please him, otherwise Durvasa's anger may destroy the entire kingdom.
Kunti pledged to serve him the best. Day and night she was ready to obey Durvasa's command. Durvasa saw her devotion. He was pleased and asked her to say what she wants in her life. "I don't know what I want in my life, you can see the past, present and the future, kindly give whatever may be required in my future the most." Kunti replied. Durvasa smiled and said only a wise woman can ask such a thing. He gave her a Mantra. He had indicated to her that by chanting these, Kunti could summon any celestial god and beget a son from him.
Young Kunti was full of joy with the blessing. She was that time not able to understand the seriousness of the present given to her. One morning she saw the bright sun and wishes that if she can have a son from the sun. Out of curiosity she chanted the mantra to invite Sun god. Her room filled with the light and her eyes were not able to see anything. After a moment she saw a handsome, young and bright man, the Sun god, he smiled and said "Kunti I came on your invitation, I will give my son to you." But I don't want any son now. I only tested the mantra out of curiosity" Kunti said.
Power of the mantra is not a joke or a game. It should be spelled only when they are required the most, because they bound to give the result after being chanted. I can not refuse to give my child to you, as I am bound by the powers of the Mantra." Sun god replied.
The very next moment a beautiful son was in hand of Kunti. The child was wearing the war protection cloths as his skin from the birth. "He will be a great worrier and will be famous for his forgiveness and Marcy." The sun god disappeared left the stunned Kunti alone. An unwanted child! Before marriage Kunti got a child, What will be her position in the society! She will be called a characterless woman. "But how I can throw this child away at least he is my son" Kunti thought. Kunti was in very critical situation. She was not able to decide what is good for her. Durvasa Muni said this mantra is for her future. What will be her future after she will be expelled from the society!
Being a virgin, she feared social outcry against her and placed the baby, Which had been born with a pair of brilliant ears ornaments in a wooden box and gently pushed it into the river. Floating on the river, the box reached the hands of a childless charioteer. He handed the baby to his wife Radha. The couple named the boy as Karna because of his ear ornaments and brought him up with love and affection.

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