Friday, November 18, 2011

Glimpses from Mahabharata # 18 - Curse to Karna

Parshurama is one of the 10 main incarnations of lord Vishnu. Kshatriya (worrier) killed his parents. As revenge he killed all the Kshatriya 21 times from the earth and donated the earth to Brahmans.

He also pledged not to educate arming them. When Dronacharya refused to impart training to him, he decided to try Parshurama, as he was the teacher of Dronacharya. He dressed up as Brahman and took permission to live in his ashram and take training.

He was an extraordinary student very soon he achieved place nearer to the Guru, the teacher. Parshurama gave him the knowledge of not only normal armory but Devastra (weapons of Semi Gods) and Divyastra (Weapons of lord Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva) like Brahmastra etc.

Once he was sitting supporting his lap as pillow for his guru. One spider came and set on his led. He ignored the spider so that it does not disturb sleep of his Guru. Spider bates on his lap and it started paining.

The bite was such terrible that blood came. Karna hold the breath and kept ignoring pain sot that his Guru does not disturbed. Parshurama felt something and woke up. He saw the scene. He was stunned.

He asked with anger that who is he? Brahman can not bear such pain. He is not a Brahman. Angry Parashuram said, "If you will not tell immediately, I will kill you."

Karna did not know about his origin. He knew only that his father is a simple Sarthi (Driver of kings Vehicle). He accepted that he is not a Brahman and he want to learn fighting. That is why he lied.

He also put other arguments but angry Parashuram did not listen and curse him that as he got this all knowledge with abusing the believe and love of the teacher that is why when he will be needing the most his teachings he will forget them.

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