Sunday, November 6, 2011

Glimpses from Mahabharata # 6 - Gandhari & Pandu


Gandhari was the daughter of king of Gandhaar. She was born and brought up in a strong Hindu family. Bhishma asked her hand for Dhritarashtra. Gandhaar was a weak and small country than Hastinapur.
Denying Bhishma's offer may cause tension between them and war. Gandhari's father was bound to marry his daughter with a born blind. Gandhari accepted this calmly and decided to feel the world like her future husband do feel.
She was a great devotee of lord Shiva and of very strong character. She decided to close her eyes with a black cloth strip so she also feels the world from other senses then eyes.
Her brother Shakuni, who loves her sister very much, was shocked on her decision. He was deeply shaken and angry on Bhishma that he was the main person who was the cause for all this. He decides to go with his sister to Hastinapur to look after her.


Although Pandu was a sick man he was crowned as the king of Hastinapur.

Once he was enjoying hunting in deep in the jungle. He saw a deer couple, he followed them and aim them with his long and sharp arrow, that time that deer couple was making love. When he come near to the prey, he was stunned.

There was a Rishi (yogi who lives in jungle and live very simple life) couple, they were extraordinary yogi and able to change their self in any form that time they in deer form when Pandu traced them and killed them during intercourse. Whatever Pandu done he was not aware of this but now it was too late to explain.

With anger dying couple cursed him "You will die when ever you will make love to any women". Pandu was the king and was having two wives the eldest was Kunti princess of Matura. And the other was Maadri princess of Madra.

Unfortunately Pandu was not having any children till the time of course. He returned with heavy heart to his palace. After this happening he decided to go in jungle and pray, may God give another chance him to have a child.

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