Saturday, November 5, 2011

Glimpses from Mahabharata # 5 - Dhritarashtra and Pandu

Vichitravirya also disappointed Bhishma. He died in very young age without any son to hold his throne. Kingdom can not survive without king. Satyawati asked Bhishma to produce child with Amba and Ambalika so that Kingdom may have the king.
"I vowed to remain Brahamchaari and not marry. I can not accept such a offer" He said. I will protect the kingdom till kingdom will not get the new king. He suggested when such problem occurs in holy books "The Veda" one more variation is given. As Brahman are Devta on earth they can produce king by donating their sperms to the queen.
"He will help you in future" these words strike her mind. Satyawati opened secret to Bhishma that she has a son named "Ved Vyaas" through Parashar Muni and as per variation given in Holy books he is her son as well as a Brahman. Although he lives in Jungle away from civilization and practice yoga, science and spiritualism, on her request he will come.
Ved Vyaas was not a normal yogi. He was an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. He was full of knowledge and energy. He came on her mother's request. As external physic was not suitable for the queens, Black, Strong, long hairs and beard, oil all over the body. Eyes bright with energy enough to scare a soft queen.
Amba closed her eyes when he love her and Ambalika become pale with fear. He told her mother Satyawati that none of the queen would have normal child, as during making love they were not normal, peaceful and devoted to him. Satyawati asked Amba to go again to him and this time devote herself with full heart. Amba did not dare and sand her maid second time, maid surrendered to Ved Vyaas with full heart. After that He went back to his place and Amba, Ambalika and the maid.
With the time they gave birth. Ambika gave birth to a blind child named as Dhristarashtra. Ambalika to a sick and pale yellow child named Pandu and the maid gave birth to an intelligent and handsome child named Vidur.
Time runs with leap and bounds and they become young men. Although Dhritarashtra was a born blind he was good in wrestling. Pandu was with poor physic was not that active in warfare but being a Kshatriya he learnt necessary armory education. Vidur being a maid son but intelligent and brother of Dhritarashtra and Pandu learn to be a good courtier and appointed as adviser to the King.

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