Saturday, August 20, 2011

Management Theories # 20 - 8 Attributes of Management Excellence

The Eight Attributes of Management Excellence of Tom Peters and Bob Waterman were described in their management classic "In Search of Excellence".

The Eight Attributes of Management Excellence are:
  • A Bias for Action
  • Close to the Customer
  • Autonomy and Entrepreneurship
  • Productivity through People
  • Hands-on, Value-driven
  • Stick to the Knitting
  • Simple Form, Lean Staff
  • Simultaneous loose-tight Properties.

The last attribute (Simultaneous loose-tight Properties) is a summary of the other 7, according to Peters and Waterman.

"Simultaneous loose-tight properties is in essence the coexistence of firm central direction and maximum individual autonomy... Organizations that live by the loose-tight principle are on the one hand rigidly controlled, yet at the same time allow (indeed, insist on) autonomy, entrepreneurship, and innovation from the rank and file".

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