Monday, August 15, 2011

Management Theories # 15 - Blue Sky Approach

Blue Sky is one of the approaches for identifying planning issues and is helpful to begin the planning process by formulating a vision of an ideal future, unconstrained by current conditions. This is basically the "Blue-Sky" approach to planning.

Under this approach, citizens engage in a creative "visioning process" through which they attempt to produce mental images and rich verbal descriptions of what they would ideally like their community to be.

Formulation of this "vision" then sets the basic framework that defines the issues that the planning process seeks to address.

Vision-oriented planning can be effective when there is general agreement about what makes a community special, and about what the community should look like in the future.

It can also work well in settings and communities where citizens are not afraid of change, where citizens are receptive to new ideas, and where there is a climate of respect for expression of divergent views.

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