Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mulla Stories # 14 - Safe custody of money

Mullah Nasruddin had a little money. He wanted to hide it some where.

At first he dug a hole, kept the money there and covered it with soil.

After a while he thought the money was not safe there because it would be discovered soon. He dug another hole and kept the money there.

He repeated this action many times. But he was not sure of its security.

He removed it out of the last hiding-place. He put the money into a bag and rode on a donkey taking the bag to a hill top near his house.

He fixed a stick vertically in the ground and from it suspended the bag.

Looking at it from a distance Mullah Nasruddin commented, “Human being is not a bird to come here and steal the bag,”

He came back home. Incidentally a man who was watching Nasruddin from a distance took the money from the bag and poured dung of camel into it.

After a few days when Nasruddin was in need of cash, he went to find the bag. When he brought the bag down from the stick, he found dung of a camel in it.

He got surprised and said, “It is very interesting. How could a camel reach to a place where a person can’t?”


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Anonymous said...

This is how most of us in today's world do