Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mulla Stories # 10 - Slap and the penalty

Once a person slapped Mullah Nasruddin in the street. Later he came back and started to apologize and said that he had mistaken Nasruddin for some one else.

But Nasruddin was not satisfied and took tight hold of his collar, took him to the judge and told the judge about the incident.

The judge ordered, “Nasruddin must slap that person to avenge". But Nasruddin didn’t get satisfied.

Thus the judge ordered the person to give Nasruddin a gold coin in lieu of the slap.

The accused had to go out of the court to bring the gold coin.

Nasruddin waited for sometime. The accused didn’t come hack.

Mullah stood up and slapped the judge on his face and said, “Since I have a lot of work, whenever that person Comes and brings the coin, You take the money for this slap.”


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