Sunday, May 1, 2011

Mulla Stories # 1 - Loan the donkey

This month of May - it is real hot Summar here in Chennai, and we certainly deserve lot of good breaks and fun to remain cool. Hence, this month is going to be full of fun and sweet smartness with the best jokes and stories of Mullah Nasruddin (Mulla, in short).

Mullah Nasruddin Nasruddin lived in Anatolia, Turkey; he was born in Hortu Village in Sivrihisar, Eski_ehir in the 13thcentury, then settled in Ak_ehir, and later in Konya, where he died. As generations went by, new stories were added, others were modified, and the character and his tales spread to other regions.

The themes in the tales have become part of the folklore of a number of nations and express the national imaginations of a variety of cultures. Although most of them depict Nasreddin in an early small-village setting, the tales (like Aesop's fables) deal with concepts that have a certain timelessness. They purvey a pithy folk wisdom that triumphs over all trials and tribulations. The oldest manuscript of Nasreddin was found in 1571. Enough of background, and now on to the very first Mulla story.

Loan the Donkey

A neighbor who Mulla Nasruddin didn't like very much came over to his compound one day. The neighbor asked Nasruddin if he could borrow his donkey.

Mulla not wanting to lend his donkey to the neighbor he didn't like told him, "I would love to loan you my donkey but only yesterday my brother came from the next town to use it to carry his wheat to the mill to be grounded. The donkey sadly is not here."

The neighbor was disappointed. But he thanked Nasruddin and began to walk away.

Just as he got a few steps away, Mullah Nasruddin's donkey, which was in the back of his compound all the time, let out a big bray.

The neighbor turned to Nasruddin and said, "Mulla Sahib, I thought you told me that your donkey was not here.

Mulla Nasruddin turned to the neighbor and said, "My friend, who are you going to believe? Me or the donkey?


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