Sunday, February 27, 2011

Management Stories # 27 - Lead a positive transformation

In 1982, a team of researchers at the University of Wisconsin were conducting a study of the adult-learning process.

They videotaped two bowling teams during several games.The members of each team then studied their efforts on video to improve their skills.

But the two videos had been edited differently.

One team received a video showing only its mistakes; the other team’s video, by contrast, showed only the good performances.

After studying the videos, both teams improved their game, but the team that studied its successes improved its score twice as much as the one that studied its mistakes.

Evidently, focusing on the errors can generate feelings of fatigue, blame, and resistance.

Emphasizing what works well and discussing how to get more out of those strengths taps into creativity, passion, and the desire to succeed.

This sets an outstanding example of how to lead a positive transformation.

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