Saturday, March 15, 2008

Koneri Raja Puram - Lord Nataraja

On the occassion of Masi Magam, which happened to fall on Feb 20th 2008, we had been to a wonderful temple of Lord Nataraja near Kumbakonam. This place is known as Koneri Raja Puram, and is about 15-20 Kms away from Kumbakonam. It is also known by the name "Tiru Nallam".
This little known temple houses the world's largest Nataraja statue, made of pancha-(u)lokha. The statue is huge and enormous, measuring about 8.5 Feet high, and the abhisekham to the swamy is performed only 6 times a year on specific occassions.
We were privileged to be a party to the abhishekam performed on the Masi Magam day. And our Guru mama, Shri P S Krishnan, had arranged for the abhishekam and got around 40 of his disciples together to get the blessings on this day. The Nataraja is said to be a swayambu formation (formed of its own) and has got moles and other marks on his body, like any other human being. The priests say that they have witnessed growth of hair under the armpit. You also get to see the nerves and veins passing through his body, while the abhishekam is being performed.
We were there for almost the entire day and had the blessings of Swamy to witness it all in person, and prayed for Peace and Prosperity for all, while the Rudra Homa, Poorna-ahudhi and the Vasor-dhara were being performed.
Find below some of the snapshots of this great day. Please do not copy / circulate photos - request your friends to come back to this site and take a look instead. Thanks.
The Organizers - Guru mama & mami

The Arrangements for Homa (Praaramba)
Lord Nataraja Abhishekam
Rudra Homam
Poorna ahudi

Lord Nataraja, in "raaja alankaaram"


Unknown said...

Hello Sir,
While searching for Natarajar, My friend gave this link, I went actually to that temple and very happy to see great man natarajar. Enna oru santhosham. Thanks for mentioning this in your blog.
Only 2 gurukkals coming long way for pooja, something to be done for this temple maintenance

P K Hari said...

Hello Karthik

Thanks for dropping by, and reading it.. please forward to as many friends as you can.. because the more the popularity, the temple will automatically get enough revenue and maintenance.

I also invite you and your friends to visit my other blog on Sri Maha Periva with daily posts -

Unknown said...

Awesome post..!

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