Monday, March 24, 2008

Essential elements for a married life

Following are some of the most essential elements for leading a successful married life J

· Communication (stop talking and it is over).

· Trust (single most important factor – you should be able to trust your life to the other person, without the slightest hesitation)

· Mutual Interests (and needs)

· Passion (without this, forget about it!)

· Making the other person feel special

· Spending as much time together as possible

· Romantic getaways

· Vacations (getting on a plane, flying far, far away, and going somewhere for an adventure)

· Flowers and surprises

· Respect

· Fun - lots of fun stuff

· Unpredictability (as in spontaneously doing special/fun/wacky things)

· The "little things" that you never seem to have enough time to do together



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