Monday, September 19, 2011

Hari's Blog - Tongue Twisters # 19

For today, we have a special one - this is composed by the great saint-poet, Thiru Gnaana Sambandar. It might just look like another tongue twister, but if it is properly split between words and spelt, it would convey a wonderful meaning - which is explained so by Kanci Maha Periva in one of his discourses. For now, we will restrict the post to the poem alone:

யாமாமாநீ யாமாமா யாழீகாமா காணாகா
காணாகாமா காழீயா மாமாயாநீ மாமாயா

If this is properly split and pronounced, it should be spelt as below:

யாம் ஆமா ? நீ ஆம் ஆம். மாயாழீ ! காமா! காண்நாகா !
காணாகாமா ! காழீயா ! மாமாயா ! நீ மாமாயா!

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