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Abhogi Medley - on demand!!

Based on the request of my FB friend (Hareesh Iyer), I fast tracked my compilation of the Abhogi Raga Medley.

Let us get a brief understanding of the Raga Abhogi, courtesy Wiki:

Abhogi (pronounced ābhōgi) is a raga in Carnatic music and has been adapted to Hindustani music. It is a pentatonic scale, an audava or owdava raga. It is a derived scale (janya raga), as it does not have all the seven swaras (musical notes). Ābhōgi has been borrowed from Carnatic music into Hindustani music and is also quite popular in the latter.

Abhogi is a scale that is used for compositions in a medium to fast tempo. This scale has been used by many composers and there are lots of compositions in classical music.

Ābhōgi's notes when shifted using Graha bhedam, yields another pentatonic rāgam Valaji.

Sriranjani is a rāgam which has kaisiki nishadam in both ascending and descending scales in addition to the notes in Ābhōgi

The best non-filmi, popular song in Abhogi (to me) would forever be "Sabaapathikku Veru Deivam Samaanam Aagumaa" composed by the great Gopalakrishna Bharathi. Though there are hundreds of wonderful compositions in Abhogi, am somehow attracted to this composition on Lord Nataraja of Chidambaram.

It is probably with His blessings that this medley is getting delivered on the day of Aani Thirumanjanam - one of the 6 special occassions in a year when Lord Nataraja gets His sacred Abhishekam.

Coming to the medley, I open the track with a brilliant composition of the Malayalam music legend - Ravindran Master. I accidentally came across this song "Aalila Manjalil"(from a Mohanlal starrer movie "Soorya Gayathri"), and on the first hearing itself, it became a big time favorite for me - just like love at first sight. Sheer supreme feeling of classical Abhogi all the way. As I wanted you all to enjoy the brilliant opening of this grand song, I have set this up as the opening track. Music knows no language boundaries - so would you agree once you hear this piece.

Following this track closely is the brilliant composition of Maestro Ilayaraja - "Indraikku yaen indha aanandhamae" from the movie "Vaidheki Kaaththirunthaal". You will certainly experience the "Aanandham" (supreme happiness, in the absence of any other apt word) when you listen to this track that is brimming with life and joy all through.

To complete the medley, I chose another melodious track of the Maestro himself - "Kaalai Naera Poonguyil" (from the movie "Amman Kovil Kizhakkaalae") - pure and rich Abhogi. I have tried to blend this in with the nice interlude BGM of Ilayaraja at both the charanams, as that is something to be never missed.

I have always felt that Ilayaraja gives us glimpses of his mastery over music more in the BGM/interlude and music fillers than through anything else. You will eventually concur with my thought when you listen to all of his soulful BGM/interludes.

Note: Some other interesting tamil film songs in this Raga are: Thangaradham Vandadhu (sung by the great Dr Bala Murali Krishna) and Vanakkam Pala Murai Sonnaen.

Hope you would enjoy this medley … comments welcome, as ever…

Raga Abhogi Medley | Muziboo

For the benefit of those who are inclined to download all these three songs in full and listen to them later, here are some links:

Aalila Manjalil
Indraikku Yaen Indha Aanandamae
Kaalai Naera Poonguyil


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