Monday, January 16, 2012

Birbal Stories # 16 - Birbal, The Wise Judge

Ramu and Shamu both claimed ownership of the same mango tree.

One day they approached Birbal and asked him to settle the dispute.

Birbal said to them: "There is only one way to settle the matter. Pluck all the fruits on the tree and divide them equally between the two of you. Then cut down the tree and divide the wood".
Ramu thought it was a fair judgement and said so.

But Shamu was horrified.
"Your Honour" he said to Birbal "I've tended that tree for seven years. I'd rather let Ramu have it than see it cut down."
"Your concern for the tree has told me all I wanted to know" said Birbal, and declared Shamu the true owner of the tree.

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