Sunday, January 9, 2011

Consequences of marrying a Company Secretary

Purely for fun....
A Company Secretary to his wife, on returning from office.....

Husband : Hi Dear, mark my attendance.

Wife : You are too late.

Husband : No problem, I am ready to pay the additional fee.

Wife : Be serious, we had a plan to go for movie.

Husband : i know this matter can be taken at any other meeting.

Wife : I really have done a wrong by marrying you.

Husband : Yes, also you should know that it is an un-compoundable offence.

Wife : Lets finalize whether we should live together or be separated.

Husband : Dont be silly; proxies are not allowed to speak.

Wife : Please, Leave me alone

Husband : No, I cant let the meeting conducted without quorum.

Wife : I will just be mad.

Husband : Contract with or by any Lunastic person is void ab initio.

Wife : I just want to go my father's house, take these keys of your house.

Husband : Presently, I dont have any buyback offer.

Wife : i just want to be separated from you.

Husband : You have to apply to the Court for demerger.

Wife : i think we both are unable to settle our disputes.

Husband : No problem, lets apply the court for voluntary winding up !

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